PAS-ADD Clinical Interview


For the assessment of mental health problems in people with or without intellectual disability. Maximise the potential for conducting a full clinical interview, even if the client’s level of language is poor.


Suitable for non-verbal clients

Designed to meet the particular problems of assessing people with intellectual disabilities, but equally valid for use with the general population. Questions are also provided for informants, so interviews can be conducted with a client and informant where appropriate.

Builds a comprehensive case formulation

The PAS-ADD Clinical Interview helps you to bring together information from the client, other informants, and additional relevant evidence – all in one place. The interview also allows assessment of a second representative episode.

Choose your classification system

Transparent, evidence-based scoring system provides full diagnoses under both ICD-10 and DSM-IV (TR). Also gives you a model to produce a wider case formulation using other assessment frameworks (behavioural, ecological, psychodynamic).

Clinical Interview handbook

Includes guidance for the user, notes on the diagnostic algorithms, and the semi-structured interview.

Interview score forms

For recording the ratings and determining which diagnostic criteria have been met. In packs of 20.