The PAS-ADD Checklist mental health assessment tool - PAS-ADD

The PAS-ADD Checklist.

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The PAS-ADD Checklist helps care staff and families decide whether an individual’s mental health needs further assessment.


No jargon

totally free hookup dating sites uk The PAS-ADD Checklist is designed to be used by carers and family members who have first hand knowledge of the individual being screened. Written in everyday language, it’s accessible and easy to understand.

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Easy-to-interpret results

optionen handeln demo konto The checklist records the presence of a range of problems which may be part of a psychiatric condition. The simple threshold scoring system gives a clear indication whether further psychiatric assessment is needed.

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Flexible format

source url The 25-item questionnaires can be used to screen whole groups of individuals, or as part of a regular monitoring of people who are considered to be at risk of mental illness.

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Sold in packs of 20

je cherche femme juive Single use PAS-ADD Checklist questionnaires.

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