The Mini PAS-ADD

Semi-structured interview and clinical glossary for staff who don’t have a background in psychiatry or psychology.

Flexible enough to use with an informant, or to be completed by a PAS-ADD trained member of staff who knows the individual well. Accurate, reliable, and now available in digital format.

Digital version available

With a digital subscription you choose the level of usage that’s right for your service. No need to purchase the handbook separately, or wait for delivery of additional score forms. Prefer to use hard copies? They’re still available, too.

In-depth and transparent

Enables two different clinical episodes to be rated on the same form – ideal for subjects with fluctuating mood disorder, or to track significant changes over time. The simple threshold scoring system focuses on symptom identification and severity estimation.

Professional training needed

The Mini PAS-ADD is suitable for use by professionals without a formal background in psychiatry or psychology. It’s therefore essential that users have guided practice in using the assessment to ensure reliable and valid results. Find out more about training.

The Mini PAS-ADD interview pack

Semi-structured clinical interview linked to a clinical glossary to guide your ratings

The Digital Mini PAS-ADD

The same interview and glossary, but completely paperless. Can be completed offline and scored when an internet connection is available.

Mini PAS-ADD score forms

In packs of 20. For use with the interview pack.