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Mental health assessment tools for use with people with intellectual disabilities, adolescents, and children.

Choose your assessment

The PAS-ADD tools are designed to work alongside clinical expertise. They map closely to the various roles played by health and social care staff working with people who have intellectual disability and mental health problems.

Overcome communication difficulties

Family members or professional carers can often give first-rate information about the person they care for. PAS-ADD uses informant interview to draw upon and maximise the potential of their insight.

Interpret results with ease

All four of the assessments use transparent threshold scoring systems to help you make a reliable and evidence-based interpretation. The Clinical Interview provides full diagnoses under both ICD 10 and DSM IV (TR).

The PAS-ADD Checklist

A 25-item questionnaire to help care staff and families decide whether an individual’s mental health needs further assessment.


A tool to assess the mental health of children and adolescents. For professionals who don’t have a background in psychology or psychiatry.


A mental health assessment tool for health and social care professionals who don’t have a background in psychology or psychiatry.

PAS-ADD Clinical Interview

A comprehensive tool for the clinical assessment of mental health problems in people with or without intellectual disability.